Essentialy, this website is meant to be a resource for in character information about various federations and wrestlers. Hopefuly this can help make our little section of the e-wrestling a world a bit more cohesive. Not everybody neccesarily knows about the IIWF, or UWF or EMWC etc. If people can come here and get a basic idea of the history of these places, then I feel that their E-W experience can be enriched.

Now obviously, this is going to take a lot of work. Plus, with so many E-wrestling federations and wrestlers out there, this could get jumbled quick. So we start small. For example, we'll start with the UWF. Thats a very good cornerstone. Then we can move on to federations it had relations with, such as the LEW, AEWA and MBC. And then add more from there. I don't know how many of you reading this have wikispaces experience but this is an extremely useful tool that may be easier than writing an actual webpage history.

January 16th, 2009- Added Scene of the Crime to the Supercards- MSS
September 12th, 2008- Added Midsummer Massacre 1997 to the Supercards- MSS
April 17th, 2008- Added Kingdom Come 2003 to the Supercards -KBL
April 15th, 2008 - Added more information to the page for Lisa Drake.
April 15th, 2008 - Started profile pages for The Air Waves and Derek Martin, as well as an update to the page for Tamara Jackson. - BWM
April 15th, 2008- Added in Gold Rush 2004 and Gold Rush 2005 to complete the Gold Rush PPVs- MSS
April 14th, 2008- Started profiles for Tinkle, Matt Wilson, Lady Bertha, Mike Hurt, Tesla St. James, Randall Osbourne, Billy "Scud" McKenzie and Hank Thompson -KBL
April 13th, 2008- Added in Gold Rush 2003- MSS
April 12th, 2008- Started profiles for Susan Davis, Kyle Lee, Tawni Northern and Shawni McKenzie -KBL
April 12th, 2008- Added more history to the MBC -KBL
April 11th, 2008 - Started the profile page for Lisa Drake, also cleaned up other pages. - BWM
April 11th, 2008- Added more history to the MBC -KBL
April 11th, 2008- Added more history to Legion. - MAB
April 11th, 2008- Added Gold Rush 1997, Gold Rush 2001 and started a page on Simon O'Neal- MSS
April 10th, 2008- Added more history to the MBC -KBL
April 10th, 2008 - Added the profile for the GWF. - MAB
April 10th, 2008- Added the original Origin of Hate speech to the John Vengeance profile. -KBL
April 9th, 2008- Added items to the MBC page. -KBL
April 8th, 2008- Added profiles for Slush and Pinhead. I'll make them more extensive later. -KBL
April 7th, 2008- Added 2X4 2003 to the SuperCards section. You'll know this one as "Free Lee" -KBL
April 7th, 2008- Added the profile for Skullhead -KBL
April 7th, 2008- Did some minor formating and added the profile for John Vengeance. it includes his infamous Origin of Hate in Texas speech. -KBL